In the Athletic Center (Platinum) entrance is to the right side of the gym, to the right of the tents. 


In the Event Center (Gold), entrance is to the right of the main glass doors.


At San Dimas High School (Bronze), Bonita High School (Bronze), Ramona (Silver) and Life Pacific (Green/Silver), Charter Oak (Green) there will be only one entrance.


NOTE:  If players would like to come back to watch other games,  they will enter at the main gate and pay student entrance fee.

Cheer Squads: Cheer Squads will NOT be admitted .  They will enter at the main gate and pay student entrance fee.


All Schools will receive a packet with all passes upon arrival on Thursday, December 26.


NOTE: All players, coaches, officials, media, sponsors, and VIP, will enter at the pass gate (players entrance).  All C.I.F. passes will also enter at the pass gate.  We will need ID and record pass number.  We will not be honoring any other passes for the tournament.


Locker Rooms:  There will be (4) locker rooms in Athletic Center & (2) locker rooms in Event Center available for all games at Damien High School.  There will be (2) locker rooms available at San Dimas High School, Bonita High School, Charter Oak and Life Pacific College.  Each team will have storage bins for use to keep your bags, backpacks, with you at all times.

Supervision:  We would ask that while on campus, each team make sure that they have someone (Coach, Assistant, Trainer) that will be responsible for supervising your players.

Uniform Colors:  The top team on the bracket sheet will be designated the home team and wear white uniforms.  The bottom team will wear the dark uniforms.

Water:  Water will be provided for all teams, both on the bench and in the locker room.


Game Ball: The tournament will provide the official game basketball for each game at all seven sites.  We will also provide (6) balls for each team to use for warm-ups.  You do not need to bring basketballs to the event.  The balls will be the Spalding Classic 1000.  


Game Officials:  The Foothill-Citrus Officials Association will schedule games.  Platinum (3) man crew, Gold (3) man crew, Silver (2) man crew, Bronze (2) man crew, Green (2) man crew.


Athletic Trainer:  "The Classic at Damien” will provide Trainers at all (7) sites for every game played.  They will do everything that they can to meet your needs.


Official Scorekeeper:  The Tournament will provide the Official Scorekeeper for each game in the tournament.  We will provide space for your scorekeeper also.  


Announcer:  We will announce all games in the tournament.  Starting line-ups will only be announced in the semi-finals and finals.